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you know you love this Gai

the first Maito Gai community!
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Welcome to the first* community for Naruto's Maito Gai (Erm.... "Mighty Guy" in some translations)

Please enjoy your stay. A new layout and user icon will be coming soon, as well as a pretty userinfo page.

Last userinfo update: 10/20/05

  • Please be respectful to other members
  • You must love Gai
  • Please don't promote your community unless it's directly related to Gai or any member of Team Gai.
  • Please put all picture above 300x300 in a lj cut.
  • That's it, this last bullet is just to take up space. oh, and Have fun!

Things to post
  • Any cosplay/fanart/screenshots that are Gai or Gai-related
  • Any Gai-centric fanfiction (includes pairing of any type, but please mention the pairing (if any) in its summary)
  • Any Questions about Gai
  • Basically anything realated to Gai in any way. XDD

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* I'm pretty sure this is the first lj community just for Gai, because I've searched for communities for him before and couldn't find any; however, if I'm inncorrect, please contact me >_>

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